PetaPylon for Traffic Management (PP4TM) is a hybrid-cloud based, state-of-the-art multi-tenant analytical database-management system, offered as: Platform as a Solution (PaaS).

Benefits for Cities (partners):
Big data (Real-time and/or Batch) processing and analysis
Deep analysis of relations between different data
Ability to process data in any structure from any source
Very fast query response times, SQL support
Robust and fault tolerant, linearly scalable system
Can be attached to AI/Deep Learning platforms
Can be attached to Business Intelligence tools via ODBC
Low costs, on premise data warehouse

Open source software, such as Apache Hadoop, Impala or Flume, have been integrated into one tool-chain solution to serve as a data-warehousing solution for virtually any data analysis use-case. PP4TM system can accept data from any data sources (from raw sensor data through geolocation data to Twitter feed sentiment analysis) in any given structure. The column-based analytical database engine can give meaning to data through its ability to accommodate all data points in one giant table with up to 1024 columns. This way, it may be easier to discover relationships and correlations between certain pieces of data and/or information.

The PP4TM ecosystem consists of a 4-node computer cluster (3 worker nodes and 1 organizer node) plus one gateway computer that is responsible for accepting and pre-processing the channeled data. The fast and robust infrastructure can be upgraded to suit High Availability (HA) needs and is scalable in both directions (up and out) to ensure necessary resources for the project’s needs. When comparing with big datasets of 650 million rows to 850 million rows, our benchmark results have shown speed gains of up to 13x faster during single-user queries and up to 27x faster during multi-user queries (the system accomodates up to 1024 concurrent users).

PP4TM can serve as the data-warehouse of most Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning platforms. This way the organization will be able to implement data science and predictions.

PP4TM tool can be attached to virtually any data mining or data visualization platform, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, etc. via its standard ODBC connector. This way, the data analysts and the organization can continue to work with the business intelligence tool of their choice, no software change is necessary.

The PP4TM ecosystem can be installed and operated/maintained by the partner’s existing system administrator, no solutions architect role is necessary. The cost of our solution, on a monthly average are up to 1/3x lower than competitors’.