The SUITS project is developing and making available to local authorities of small and medium sized cities and to other stakeholders a set of tools that are enhancing their capacity to design and implement sustainable transport measures.  These tools are:

  • A demo tool for data collection and analysis, which includes a tool for traffic data acquisition and a tool for freight data acquisition
  • Sample tools for route optimization and/or online surveys
  • A data management platform for Urban Transport Management Tool (PP4Traffic-Man)
  • An Integrated  Decision Support Tool, providing a suite of tools on innovative financing methods, innovative procurement of transport products and services and new bankable projects for transport.
  • A Capacity Building Toolbox that integrates a set of different modules covering a wide range of topics related to urban mobility and relevant training materials
  • A change toolkit, which will transform the transport departments of small and medium sized cities into learning and knowledge sharing organisations.
  • A monitoring tool to evaluate any changes in capacity and capability of local authorities to implement sustainable mobility measures.