The Welsh Highways Conference 2020 took place at Cardiff, on 30th January 2020.

SUITS project was presented to more than 400 conference participants.

Wales’ road network is one of its greatest assets, worth an estimated £13.5bn and covering 21,000 miles. It’s of vital importance that we look in detail how we maintain the network, how we can improve them, how we can embed new technologies and to ensure that it meets the expectations of the public.

Welsh Highways conference brought leading figures together to discuss the key priorities including:

Maintenance – looking at the condition of the local road, trunk road and motorway network, the approach to maintenance and how it is funded

Enhancement – the delivery of network enhancement and how this should be managed – sharing best practice and new ideas

Sustainability – how current and new approaches to maintenance and improvement can deliver under the requirements of sustainability

Future Mobility – what new technologies there are and how they can be implemented into projects. How do we make sure the network is ‘fit for the future’ with the advent of CAV and what can / should we be doing now.

Future – The Welsh Government & TfW are driving a Transport Network fit for the future, what is the role of highways within this and identify where we can provide further benefits.

This one day conference was an ideal platform for companies responsible for planning, designing, maintaining and operating the Welsh highways network to showcase solutions; either via technical seminars or through the exhibition zone. It also provided to the audience with up to date information on projects and key priorities, sharing knowledge and a deeper understanding of what commercial opportunities are available.

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