The International Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP), took place on November 15, 2019 in Beijing. It was organised by GIZ GmbH. At the conference, SUMP updated guidelines were introduced and participants debated the applicability of the SUMP concept in China.

The conference was a joint effort of the Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport (CLCT), the China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA), the Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute (JSTI) and the Sino Road Institute of Transportation Science Consulting Co., Ltd (SRITS).

About 100 Chinese and international experts and representatives of Chinese municipal authorities working in the field of mobility, urban planning and related sectors gathered together to jointly elaborate and debate on the advantages of the SUMP concept and the opportunities for applying SUMP in Chinese cities.

Mr. Sebastian Spundflasch, researcher at the Ilmenau University of Technology, elaborated on the main planning challenges for local authorities identified in the EU-SUITS project and stated that participation of civil society is key to ensure sustainable mobility development.

The conference concluded with the strong commitment from all participating cities to develop and implement their own SUMP within the framework of CLCT. This commitment and joint understanding established a solid foundation of piloting the SUMP concept in China. In addition to piloting SUMPs from next year on, a China specific adapted SUMP guideline will be developed and a training program on integrated and low-carbon transport planning shall be established and international exchange on best practices and knowledge sharing will be facilitated.

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