The SUITS project will be represented by Prof. Ann-Marie Nienaber, to the CAPITAL Final Event “Creating a smart City” Public Authority Training Day, providing insights at the behavioural change side. The one-day event will take place in Rome, Italy on 25th September 2019.

The main goal of the CAPITAL project is to create a collaborative capacity building community and deployment programme to support public and private stakeholders implementing cooperative and intelligent transport systems (ITS & C-ITS) with training and educational resources, while also raising awareness of the services and benefits available. CAPITAL supports public and private stakeholders in the implementation of ITS and C-ITS through training activities.

The event will provide guidelines for the implementation of ITS and C-ITS in cities, addressing Smart Road technologies and illustrating the cost and benefit aspects related to ITS and C-ITS.

Ann-Marie Nienaber will talk about cities’ needs and requirements when coping with changes in their organizations due to new technologies. She will highlight issues such as trust, and knowledge transfer as important factors for success. Along an eight-step model for successful behavioural organizational change she will talk through the implementation process of new technologies, best practice examples will be presented and potential obstacles discussed. Golden rules for implementing innovations in an organization based on the experiences at the SUITS project will complete her key note.


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