SUITS will enhance the capacity of the local authorities and of other stakeholders in terms of innovative procurement in compliance with the latest European legislation on public procurement and on public passenger transport services.

The new legislative framework [1] related to Public Procurement across the EU brings about a major shift in terms of public procurement procedures, and necessitates a reconsideration of public authorities’ organisation and capacities. Within the procurement procedures, the contracting authorities and institutions will have to go beyond strictly applying legal provisions, aiming at the strategic application of public procurement, to also include environmental and social objectives and innovation potentials in their procurement selection.

The main objective of the complex procurement reform is for procurement to greatly benefit society with a view to long-term sustainable development, not only based on the lowest price. The SUITS Guidelines on procurement provides a guide for local authorities and other stakeholders to apply to schemes for innovative procurement in the planning and implementation of innovative sustainable mobility measures. Consequently, SUITS offers a strong support to local authorities and other stakeholders in their endeavors to develop more effective approaches regarding transport plans and implementation.

SUITS webinar on financing, procurement and business models for sustainable urban transport could be viewed here

[1] M. Finger and D. Finon, “From ‘service public’ to universal service: the case of European Union in M. Finger and R.W. Kunneke (ed.), International Handbook of Network Industries. The Liberalization of Infrastructure,” in International Handbook of Network Industries The Liberalization of Infrastructure, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011, pp. 54-69.

The Guidelines on procurement is an integral part of the Integrated  Decision Support Tool. The IDS tool provides a suite of guidelines on innovative financing methods, innovative procurement of transport products and services and new bankable projects for transport.