SUITS will enhance the capacity of the local authorities and of other stakeholders in terms of innovative procurement in compliance with the latest European legislation on public procurement and on public passenger transport services.

Based on a holistic and realistic approach to the application of the new Directives, the project will recommend innovative procurement schemes for the procurement of transport products and services, by delivering models which consider criteria and evaluation modalities based on the minimum consumption, emissions effects, Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and other criteria to reflect the user’s priority options, in keeping with the latest trends set by new Directives regarding procurements. In addition SUITS will support cities to apply these innovative procedures, through the provision to local authorities of advise, guidelines and recommendations on the new procedures, evaluation criteria, electronic procurements, support to SME participation, socially responsible procurements and information regarding non-discrimination and indisputability.

SUITS webinar on financing, procurement and business models for sustainable urban transport could be viewed here