With 620.000 inhabitants Stuttgart is the sixth-largest city in Germany and the center of a metropolitan region with more than 2,7 Mio inhabitants in total. The region is economically strong and offers more than 1 million workplaces. This leads to a high mobility demand from citizens and the economy. Every day 800.000 vehicles enter and leave the city, which leads to the typical problems of a big city: traffic congestion, stress, noise und particulate matter or nitrogen oxide.

Stuttgart is working hard on the transport-related challenges in order to increase the life-quality and to avert the effects of the high traffic on the environment. The city has an excellent local public transport system with 55 bus lines and 17 light rail lines with nearly 190 million passengers per year. Furthermore it is well positioned with car sharing offers like Car2go and Flinkster and Bike-sharing providers. A lot of effort is also spent into the bicycle infrastructure expansion, the promotion of clean vehicles and public transport and awareness campaigns to change citizens’ mobility behavior.