Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia, the Other Capital, bears a heavy name in the history of Romania due to the important historic events which have left their mark on the city. Alba Iulia is a city of national importance and it was nominated in 2012 as a European Destination of Excellence, by the EDEN program administered by the European Commission.
Alba Iulia Municipality has a population of 74 000 inhabitants and is situated in the Center part of Romania. The communitarian development along with the creation of conditions for economic and social progress for the whole community is one of the main objectives of the Alba Iulia Municipality.
The City Hall of Alba Iulia Municipality has benefited during the period of the past few years from the financial support of the European Union and has implemented European projects with a total value of more than 150 million Euros, while being the most important investor in the city during the last 7 years.
Alba Iulia has already adopted the SUMP which is currently under evaluation by the Regional Development Agency.
SUITS will enable Alba Iulia Municipality to develop innovative capacities for attracting new funding for the implementation of the projects proposed through the elaborated SUMP, and it will also support the municipality in adopting new and innovative procedures at the municipal level along with the strengthening of its capacity building.