The three (3) Pilot – workshops that took place in Birmingham, Kalamaria and Turin, formed an integral part of the SUITS Capacity Building Toolkit.  They served the broad objective of building the capacity of small-medium cities’ Local Authorities to implement and monitor the implementation of SUMP measures. The courses were designed to build, or strengthen, the capacity of small-medium cities’ Local Authorities to face current challenges when implementing innovative transport schemes or other transport measures regarding safety and security and urban freight.

Indicatively, the topics, on which the courses focused, were:

a) the value of innovative transport schemes and other transport measures for small-medium cities;

b) the identification of actors and stakeholders involved;

c) the financing sources & innovative procurement for these schemes / measures;

d) the available tools and guidelines regarding these schemes etc.

The workshops also provided an insight into different challenges that local authorities’ staff is facing when setting up targets or addressing changes regarding innovative transport schemes and transport measures.  Through the Pilot Workshops local action learning sets were established aiming to support the planning and implementation of innovative transport measures.


Birmingham Pilot: Introducing Innovative Transport Schemes

Agenda and Minutes of the Birmingham Pilot Workshop

Kalamaria Pilot: Safety & Security Measures in transportation

Agenda and Minutes of the Kalamaria Pilot Workshop

Turin Pilot: Implementing urban freight transport measures

Agenda and Minutes of the Turin Pilot Workshop