SUITS will provide to local authorities know-how referring to the construction of investment arguments, so that their sustainable mobility projects may be financed through IFIs, European Funds, Structural Funds, public-private partnerships, other financing schemes, crowd funding etc. It will analyse business models referring to transport and it will offer to the participating cities a practical tool tested to understand, design, refine and apply business models and to identify the most appropriate financing models.

This tool will be of assistance to local authorities throughout their decision making in order to identify the most suitable financing to set up business models in the participating cities in order to elaborate a bankable project.

By applying the “SUITS business-models tool” cities and other stakeholders will be able to approach the financing of sustainable mobility measures by demonstrating the project feasibility in terms of social, economic, financial, technical and administrative factors, as well as in terms of externalised costs (the cost of accidents, congestions, emissions, socioeconomic impact, accessibility, urban regeneration).

SUITS webinar on financing, procurement and business models for sustainable urban transport could be viewed here