The following are public deliverables and a summary is presented:

D1.1 Data Management Plan-exec-summary

D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan_exec-summaryD10.1 Ethics Handbook exec-summary

D1.3 Management Handbook_exec-summary

D1.4 Project Evaluation Plan_exec-summary

D2.1 Contextualisation of project cities_exec-summary

D2.2 Evaluation framework_exec-summary

D3.1 Gap analysis on data collection & analysis methodologies_exec-summary

D3.2 Design-demo-methodologies_exec-summary

D5.1 Integrated Subject Module & facilitator’s guide_exec-summary

D7.1 Report from baseline assessment_exec-summary

D7.3 Social Impact Assessment_exec-summary

D9.1_Dissemination-Strategic-Plan exec-summary

D9.2 Stakeholders-Engagement-Plan exec-summary

D10.1 Ethics Handbook exec-summary