One of the first activities in SUITS is the assessment of participating cities, with regard to the existing situation of sustainability in terms of mobility and transport. With the assistance of local change agents, external evaluators conduct an extensive capacity and resource assessment that would evidence the gaps, which refrain the successful development of SUMPs. The assessment is analysing resources skills and motivations, at an organizational level, evaluating data availability and usability, and at institutional levels, underlying rules of the game under the existing political and regulatory framework.

After the assessment of the existing information, strategies are defined on how to transform passenger and freight transport data into valuable information that can be used to support the decision making process in relation to mobility actions. SUITS carries out Identification of the gaps, specific to each participating city, related to its capacity to provide mobility of people and freight, underlying strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats points through SWOT analyses. The gap analysis is finally structured in such a way that it may be also suitable for other small and medium sized cities.